Turkish Airlines 

+ Concept 
+ Design

Agency: Landor

Quick concept work for a pitch. As a strong ambassador for the country, Turkish Airlines wanted to present its home as a vibrant, cosmopolitan hub of fashion and culture, but with a dose of addictive grittiness.

In the client’s words, they wanted to take Landor’s earlier concept from ‘smart office attire' to ‘cocktail dress', but not as far as Etihad’s ‘evening gown'. The developed route, with its mix of glamour and warm texture, fit just so. Drawing from the heady mix of influence in the city, the identity flexes between business and pleasure, with unexpected twists. The brandmark, liberated from its holding device, circumnavigates the globe and reveals new horizons.

NB. Photography has been borrowed for mockup purposes only.

London ︎︎︎ Melbourne
Design ︎︎︎ Direction