A designer—director with a conceptual, considered, and enthusiastic approach. Energetic with ideas and a readiness to do interesting stuff. A diverse 15 years of experience in agencies big and small, with a hefty passion for brand and identity. Relishes in the concept development phase. Sees the big picture but never misses a beat of detail. Loves nurturing brilliant little ideas, cultivating them so they blossom, then releasing them into the wild.

Available for freelance 

Design Director at Interbrand, London, 2019-2021; Senior Designer at Landor, London & Paris 2014-2018; Freelance Senior Designer at Ragged Edge, Pollitt & Partners, Wordsearch, Marks & Spencer and IDEO, amongst others, 2018-2019 & 2011-2014; Designer at Swear Words, Melbourne, 2006-2010

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London ︎︎︎ Melbourne
Design ︎︎︎ Direction