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Agency: Interbrand

Claritin is a well-established brand for clearing allergy symptoms, and had the goal of strengthening its communication and brand experience across different markets.

Interbrand worked with Bayer to define Claritin's most effective assets and to expand on them, creating the building blocks needed to forge an emotional connection between the brand and consumer. Three anchor points were developed to guide all creative for the brand: Clear, Optimistic and Joyful.

A distinctive photography style was defined, which united previously challenging indoor shots with the grass and sky effect of outdoor ones, bringing a sense of the ‘Vista' to all touchpoints. A ‘Peel Away' device, a key part of the brand's motion toolkit, was developed to communicate a sense of going ‘From Fuzzy to Clear' on static applications. Markets were given clear tools and assets with which to inspire and support creative development of the Claritin brand.  

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